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Pre-Employment Training

MTrec Recruitment works in close partnership with one of the region’s leading training providers – Sora Training, a registered (UK Government) skills provider, based in Hebburn, to support their expanding manufacturing and engineering clients with industry leading pre-employment training courses.

The MTrec and Sora Training teams ensure all suitable candidates entering a new temporary role within manufacturing, engineering and warehouse/distribution sectors receive high quality pre-employment training to ensure they are up-skilled and are more “job-ready” than provided by a more traditional recruitment model. This highly innovative and evolved recruitment and training approach ensures all clients receive the best talent available, who are deeply assessed, trained and are truly ready to provide the maximum added value to their new roles. All and the candidates are fully informed, up-skilled and highly motivated to start a new temporary assignment.

Both MTrec and Sora Training believe in a culture of continuous improvement, and to ensure all clients stay ahead of the competition we develop and deliver a range of bespoke courses based on the client’s requirements. MTrec and Sora’s flexible delivery for training allows key operational and learning requirements to be incorporated in to a specific programme of training.

In order for any company to stay ahead of the competition especially in a highly competitive climate, they need to make sure they develop the best people with the best possible skills. These programmes are flexible and will help up-skill your new employees, who will in turn help to maximise your productivity and improve your bottom line.