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Operations Coordinator



£22,000 - £24,000






Company Description

We are currently representing a well-established and growing company based in Northumberland who are looking for an Operations Coordinator. 

The company operate in the field of specialist components, producing customer specific components across a range of sectors.

The highly successful Directors invest in improving the day to day operational performance, and have demonstrated this through investing in some projects on planning, performance measurement and 5S in line with the relocation. This now needs to be supported with a day to day presence to reinforce and embed the new standards, expectations and systems. The Operations Coordinator is the driver of standards, change and performance in the production area.

Job Specification

The Role

  • Coordinate and manage resources to deliver the production plan in the required timeframe. Work with warehouse and purchasing to ensure material availability, plan and implement maintenance plan to ensure performance is optimized.
  • To ensure accurate and timely reporting of performance (production sheets, quality records, short interval control boards) and consolidate information generated to produce KPI reports to present at weekly planning/production meeting and to line managers when required.
  • To ensure visual and housekeeping standards are maintained through a 5S approach throughout the production hall and, in time, the warehouse unit.
  • To strengthen the daily and weekly communications to the team.
  • To develop and involve staff in the change and improvement processes, facilitating idea generation and enabling execution of ideas across all four operation pillars (Reliability, Quality, Safety, Cost).
  • To embed a sense of ownership and accountability in the staff for all four pillars every day – safety, quality, reliability and cost.
  • To work with the Director on scheduling and planning of production in line with the priorities of the business, and the resources/capacity available. Adapt and manage plan according to changing demand.
  • Drive accountability through “ownership of a line” for quality, safety, production and housekeeping.
  • Verification of line standards as an ongoing process – cycle time in particular is crucial to costing and planning effectiveness
  • Driving operators to present immaculate information every hour and every day. Using this to then develop an effective and concise daily and weekly review, and priorities for improvements.
  • Assigning resources and priorities to each machine, secondary operations and overtime/late shifts as needed.
  • To introduce daily bagging and weighing of waste (regrind, recycle, scrap) and record
  • To support and develop the operational team – technical, troubleshooting and problem solving skills in particular
  • Develop a training needs requirement and identify providers to work with them to build competence, confidence and ability.
  • To engage the team in a coaching process to improve their approach to solving problems, improving performance, reducing waste…etc. Support them in generating and implementing improvement ideas.

The Person

  • Engaging and charismatic personality, with small team leadership experience in an appropriate environment.
  • Driven by performance and improvement in performance.
  • Able to introduce and drive change to the organisation
  • Relentless in managing standards and performance daily.
  • A strong level of verbal and written communication skill. Comfortable with shopfloor communications, management meetings, customer interaction and other interaction as needed.
  • Personable, yet respected.
  • Can coach operatives to think independently
  • Can take production data, and use IT skills to present and report performance trends, issues and priorities. Interpret information and trends to develop a clear improvement agenda.
  • Operations Management experience in FMCG or light industrial arena.
  • Communication skills – understanding of how to engage and inspire people to take ownership for their area each day.
  • Work as part of management team, with ability to use information to suggest improvements and ideas to increase performance levels
  • Collate, disseminate and present operational data to illustrate trends, performance and areas for improvement.
  • Coaching and development of operatives to become more independent in problem solving and prioritising.
  • Planning and organising – able to organise resources to efficiently deliver on the plan
  • Able to insist on ownership of standards across the team every day.  

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